Max Surban and Hannah Villame Live in Naval

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First Posted 01:40:00 10/01/2013
First Posted 16:06:00 10/01/2013

Max Surban, the Bisayan troubadour, sang a large number of songs and dished out his brand of humor that was relished by the huge audience that filled the Naval Gym. The spectators stuck it our until the end of the concert.

Si Max Surban makapagitik sa iyang mga kanta. Pagkalami, pagkalami …

Mrs Hannah Villame, daughter of Yoyoy Villame, popular for his Visayan songs. Nagkanta ug nagpalingaw sa mga Navaleños.


Max Surban and Hannah Villame Live in Naval

Pasko Sa Binilanggo – Max Surban

Mutya ka Baleleng by Max Surban

Handog – Max Surban

Mga Pakatawa ni Max Surban

I Love My Teacher By Max Surban

Matud Nila – Max Surban

Max Surban Live in Naval

Pakatawa ni Max Surban 2

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