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By: Rodrigo S. Victoria
Video by Kenskie
Photos by PIA Biliran, George Philip Hasegawa the Pillar, Jalmz

Naval, Biliran – In her bid to put a roadmap for the growth and advancement of the only university in the province of Biliran, the first president of Naval State University (NSU) laid down major plans which will serve as the guideposts of her administration.

View of the new façade of Naval State University (NSU). PIA-Biliran)

Dr. Edita Sabonsolin Genson, the first university president of NSU, said in her inaugural speech during her investiture on February 11, 2010, that there is a need for a new vision and changes in policies and practices of the new university.

She emphasized four major plans namely: expand national and international practicum programs, re-engineer academic curricula, create a unit that will promote linkages with local industries and foreign universities, and intensify and strengthen the research, extension and production services.

Congressman Glenn A. Chong leads the ceremonial ribbon cutting in the inauguration of the P21M Mini-Bridge Simulator for Maritime yesterday, February 11, 2010. He is assisted by Commissioner Nona S. Ricafort of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED)(right) and Dr. Edita S. Genson, NSU President (left).(PIA-Biliran)

She added that the first major thrust can be done by obtaining more bilateral academic agreements and through liberalizing twinning programs with foreign universities.

With regards to re-engineering the curricula, she proposed to offer new emerging courses in science and technology to make Information Technology (IT) courses globally competitive and market responsive, convert business management major courses to Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship and to include agri-business subjects in agriculture courses.

Congressman Glenn A. Chong operates the Mini-Bridge Simulator while CHED Commissioner Nona S. Ricafort looks on. Of the total P21M, P10 M is from CHED and the P11M comes from NSU. (PIA-Biliran)

However, she stressed that in order to effectively implement all these future plans, they must possess the courage and wisdom to pursue the collective task and shared responsibility with energy, synergy and God-given leadership.

Congressman Glenn A. Chong standing beside Dr. Edita S. Genson, NSU President, (right) leads the cutting of the ribbon during the inauguration of the new NSU façade yesterday, February 11, 2010. Congressman Chong is assisted by CHED Commissioner Nona S. Ricafort (left) standing beside Daniel Ariaso, Jr., NSU Vice-President for Research, Planning and Extension. (PIA-Biliran)

She also reminded the university faculty, administration employees, students, parents and members of the community to share the burden with the biggest challenge that lies ahead.

The new NSU emblem is majestically installed at the top of a fountain. The new NSU emblem was also inaugurated yesterday, February 11, 2010. (PIA-Biliran) photo by jalmz

Furthermore, she also presented in her speech several significant achievements and accomplishments in her administration in the field of academic performance, infrastructure and institutional development. (PIA-Biliran)



Rep. Glenn A. Chong delivers his message at the inauguration of Naval State University.

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NSU Fireworks Display

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NSU Parade

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