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0 34 5th anniversary proudly presents:
The AEGIS: a night of powerful voices.

with their all time favorite hits Luha, Halik and Basang basa sa ulan

April 24, 2010, 7 in the evening , Naval Gymnasium, Naval, Biliran.

for the benefit of Project Help Philippines

CO-PRESENTED BY: Rep. Glenn A. Chong and Gov. Rogelio J. Espina


Brought to you by: Julie Mecaral-Sedeño of Pit-os Cebu, Lourdes Mecaral-Matsumoto of Japan, BANAT Party-List, Mayor Carlos “Charlie” L. Chan, Sr., Ralph “Raffy” A. Salazar, Charlie Chong, Florita Vaporoso Vero. aka EUROPA, Jessica Japay-Schaper of Germany, Lester Simon and Ading Mecaral Oraa of New York USA, Hon. Jun Del Rosario, Metro Ormoc Community Credit Cooperative, Vergie Adobo of United Kingdom, Gerry Boy Espina, Jr., Biliran Garden Resort, Aquarius, Gloria Eamiguel & family, Theresita Eamiguel Strozier, Camille Dela Pena Borington of East Orange New Jersey, Marilou “Estacion” Agang of South Korea, Project Help Philippines, Mayor Floresca “Bulak” Delante, Romel’s Catering, NORKIS Multi Brand Naval Branch, Aida Mecaral-Sese of New Jersey, Vivi of Japan, Georgie Saba-Henderson of Prince George BC Canada, Mayor Susan V. Parilla, Mr. Mario Robenta and Family, Mr. & Mrs Crisologo Adobo Sr., Marilou Bernardes Lucente, Jose “Joe” Genson, Charito Opena of Long Beach California, Aguhob Family of Cabunga-an and Capiñahan, A. R. La-Naval Motor Parts and Gen. Mktg., Hon. Edwin Pitao, Biliran Electric Cooperative, Inc.,Hon. Roselyn Espina-Paras, Hon. Aim Limpiado Jr., Redstone Ville Beach Resto/Bar & Inn, Biliran Tele TV Network Corporation

Special Thanks to: Dr. Editha S. Genson, NSU President

OFFICIAL MEDIA PARTNER: 103.9 Radyo Natin FM, Your friendly hometown radio

Tickets available at: OCCCI, Microbus, AR La Naval, Romel’s Eat All You Can, Calumpang Car/Motor Care, DPWH, Ever-Bilena, BILECO Main Office, Knowell Internet’s Café,, Radyo Natin, NLDT, Monteborni Trading and Devt Corp., BEC Pharmacy, CITADEL, Five Sisters, Natasha Service Center, Dexter Narrido, Annie’s Drug Store

don’t miss this once in a lifetime event.
see you there!

Tickets at 500, 300, 200, 100

Seating Arrangement 2010 Anniversary T-Shirts 2010 Anniversary T-Shirts will be available in limited quantities during our event on the 24th @ Naval Gym.
Sizes available range from #16 to XXL.

White Php 250.00
Black Php 280.00

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Video by Jalmz and Ghavi Anasco Staff
First Posted 12:49:00 02/16/2010
Last Updated 16:05:00 02/16/2010

Naval, Biliran – The two members of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) who were allegedly involved in the ambush on June 7, 2008 of Charlie Chong, father of Congressman Glenn A. Chong, which resulted in the death of his two security aides were already detained in the Biliran Provincial Jail this morning.

PO3 Jovito Say Cabillan
PO3 Jovito Say Cabillan

SPOIII Charlie A. Ando, Jr. and POIII Jovito S. Cabillan were turned-over to the Biliran Provincial Jail for detention by a team of CIDG personnel lead by Chief Inspector Victor C. Ondako, SPOIV Remegio Brazil, SPOII Marvin Bilopor and SPOI Abelardo Tambong.

Almine Ando, Jr.
SPO3 Almine Ando, Jr.

In the Detainees Manifestation of the Office of the Provincial Warden, Ando and Cabillan were now detention prisoners of the Biliran Provincial Jail being charged in the Criminal Case No. N-2709 and 2712 for Murder, Frustrated Murder and Attempted Murder.

Prior to their detention in the Biliran Provincial Jail, Judge Bienvenido Montalla, presiding judge of the Regional Trial Court (RTC) Branch 16 issued a commitment order for the proper turn-over of the two CIDG suspects to the person in authority who will take their custody in jail.

CIDG suspects not in handcuffs

“I demand that they be put in handcuffs, these are high risk prisoners. I want to see them in handcuffs” thus said Congressman Chong after seeing that the two CIDG suspects were not in handcuffs as they get out from the court’s office going to the CIDG service vehicle.

He added that he wants to get justice to his fallen men.

It was also observed that the two CIDG suspects were not in handcuffs as they alighted from the CIDG service vehicle walking going to the court’s office.

The kin of the victims who openly displayed their emotional outburst also demanded that they be put in handcuffs.

Congressman Chong and the kin of the victims were among the people who waited for long hours in the morning outside the Bulwagan ng Katarungan which housed the two branches of the RTC located in Barangay Larrazabal, Naval, Biliran for the arrival of the two CIDG suspects.


However, according to a lawyer, it is the discretion of the person in custody or the police officers who escorted the two CIDG suspects if they be put in handcuffs or not but in case they escape, they will be held liable for it.

He added that the possibility for escape or prisoner’s flight is a consideration whether or not a person charged for a capital criminal offense like murder will be put in handcuffs like the case of Datu Unsay Mayor Andal Ampatuan, primary suspect in the Maguindanao massacre, who was in handcuffs as he was presented in court because of the advance information that he will be rescued.

Suspects demanded justice

POIII Cabillan in an interview appealed for justice of their present predicament with SPOIV Ando as he claimed that they were innocent of the crimes charged. He added that becoming a police officer does not mean that they will kill anybody including innocent people.

“I’m not afraid to be imprisoned because my conscience is clear’, POIII Cabillan clearly told.

On the other hand, SPOIII Ando said that he was never been implicated in any wrongdoings in his career as a police officer. “I want justice not only for myself but also to the victims”, Ando added.


Gerry Espina, Rep. Chong in near scuffle
Part 1

Part 2

Please be warned that this video recorded expletives and obscene language from some parties.

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Photos by Yhongs
Video by Kenskie Staff
First Posted 02:04:00 01/27/2010
Last Updated 07:25:00 01/31/2010

Left: Mr. Biliran EVRAA 2010 Jean-Mitchel Oles (CNSAT) and Miss Biliran EVRAA 2010 Patty Burger (CSN)

Miss Biliran EVRAA 2010 Winners
2nd Runner Up: Keena Mary Ane Sumido (NSU)
1st Runner Up: Almyrrha Lourieclaire Merez (NSF)
Miss Biliran EVRAA 2010: Patty Burger (CSN)
Best in Native Costume: Patty Burger (CSN)
Best in Talent: Keena Mary Ane Sumido (NSU)
Best in Sportswear: Keena Mary Ane Sumido (NSU)
Best in Gown: Keena Mary Ane Sumido (NSU)

Miss Biliran EVRAA 2010 Special Awards
Miss Photogenic: Patty Burger (CSN)
Miss Congeniality: Queenie Enguito (NNHS)
Miss Ever Belina: Keena Mary Ane Sumido (NSU)

Mr. Biliran EVRAA 2010 Winners
2nd Runner Up: Prince Jude Bomijano (NNHS)
1st Runner Up: Alton John Itol (NSF)
Mr. Biliran EVRAA 2010: Jean-Mitchel Oles (CNSAT)
Best in Native Costume: Dyne Franco Padilla (CSN)
Best in Talent: Candidate Von Roger Cervantes (NSU)
Best in Sportswear: Candidate Dyne Franco Padilla (CSN)
Best in Formal Attire: Candidate Dyne Franco Padilla (CSN)

Mr. Biliran EVRAA 2010 Special Awards

Mr. Photogenic: Prince Jude Bomijano (NNHS)
Mr. Congeniality: Jean-Mitchel Oles (CNSAT)
Mr. Ever Belina: Prince Jude Bomijano (NNHS)


Part 1
[flv image=""][/flv]

Part 2
[flv image=""][/flv]

Q and A

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1 10 Staff
Video by zarahemla

Waiting for 2010 on Ballesteros St. Naval, Biliran. Where the town`s big business establishments are located, such as Country Inn, PNB, GSE, OCCI, Motortrade, Glenn Marketing, Metrobank, Botika Supremo, AR La Naval Motor Parts and Brodeth Marketing.

8 17 Staff
Video by Kenskie
First Posted 07:58 AM 12/31/2009
Last Updated 09:35 AM 01/07/2009 staff and volunteers bring bundles of joy to residents of Brgy. Hugpa, Biliran, where the original poblacion of Biliran pueblo was transferred from Caray-Caray area around 1770.

A diary of a volunteer

“A Joy that’s shared is a joy made double.” – John Ray

The sponsors of the recently conducted Bundles of Joy put into reality the famous line of Mr. Ray. These Biliranons, mostly based abroad, shared a portion of their blessings to their less fortunate province- mates. Without any reservation, they responded to the call of for the conduct of the one-day activity in Brgy. Hugpa, in the Municipality of Biliran. Little did these sponsors know that the little joys they shared gave immeasurable happiness to the recipients of the bundle.

Who would ever forget the sight of a seven year-old polio victim, so thin she can’t stand her own, that when she received a doll, her eyes glowed with gratefulness, beaming with happiness? The toy is more or less just worth a few pesos, but the joy shared is beyond monetary value. A sight to behold was also that of a mentally-challenged 30- year old man who danced his way when given a bulldozer toy. He doesn’t even know how to say thank you, but the wide smile in his face is more than enough o extend his gratitude to the benefactors. If only the pictures could described it all! With over a hundred kids in the games were also participated by adults. Prizes are toys for the kids and basic commodities such as rice and canned sardines for the adults. Then finaly, at past 1pm, with the assistance of Mr. David Catoltol, a community elder, the staff started to distribute the bundles of joy to the residents. A total of 180 bundles were prepared to accommodate the number of households in the baranggay. The residents waited for hours and endured the heat of the mid-day sun just to receive the gifts from the sponsors. The “mere” bundles of joy truly gave tons of joy to the residents of Brgy. Hugpa.

The gift-giving in Brgy. Hugpa was capped with a simple lunch at the residence of Vice Mayor Leandro Enage in Biliran town proper, courtesy of Tubis and Enage Families.

The gift –giving didn’t end there. On the way back home to Naval, the team and volunteers randomly gave of what is left of the bundles to the residents the convoy passed by along the highway. The activity finally commenced with a late afternoon at Tubis residence in Brgy. Calumpang in Naval.

Being a volunteer in a very simple activity such as that is very much rewarding. It is both gratifying and enjoying. The Journey to a mountain barangay like Hugpa is worth an adventure. The activity also opened our eyes to the sad plight of our fellow Biliranons who are less fortunate. It enlightens us that indeed we have so much to thank for despite our countless financial and personal problems. The gift-giving tells us that there are a lot of generous Biliranons out there willing to share their blessings. It also gives us the real spirit of the season.

This chronicle won’t be complete without thanking the following:

The people of Brgy. Hugpa, Biliran;
Jalmz and zarahemla,
Kenskie, Kristin Ceniza and the staff of
My fellow volunteers;
Allan Tubis, Michael Caneja, Rhea Ponferada, Bobby Saba, Jo Tambis, Jo Atibula, Jomae Adrea Oraa, Noli Oraa Jr, Noland Oraa, Meicar Gonzales, Yacks Jason Zamora, Dina Ponferada, Penny Lloyd Batuto, Angelie, Reynold Bustillo, Roveliza Cayabyab and Lorens Dela Peña

Our sponsors : Mr. and Mrs. Sedeño, Miss Europa, Dir. Raffy Salazar, Vergie Adobo, Lester Simon and Ading Mecaral Oraa and Family, Aida Mecaral-Sese, Teresita Eamiguel Strozier, Vivi of Japan, Marilyn Tambis, Rosie Stonard, Marsha Manansala and Camille Borrington.

If only everyday is Christmas.


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